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I (sort of) survived the Honey 50km this past weekend (9/13/14).  Not too much worse for wear; just some bruises and sore muscles.  I had planned to do the full 100km, but wiser heads prevailed – those of my friends, who had a better idea of what we were in for, and paid attention to the fact that we’d get stuck in the rain if we did the longer ride.  Just as well:  it was a lot more technical than I was ready for.  Novice, here!

The Honey 100 – this was the 2nd year – is an on-road/off-road adventure ride on cyclocross bikes.  A few of the trails seemed better suited for mountain bikes, but if you’re skilled (ahem, not me), it was manageable.  I guess.

I really enjoyed some of the trails, and then there were the straight up rocky ones.  And the straight down rocky ones.  That’s when walking became the most viable option.  No pride here, so if staying alive and in one piece meant walking? walking it was!

And now I can sell my cyclocross bike.  I don’t think I’m a hard-core, ride-in-the-woods-on-rough-stuff person.  Oh well.  I got out of my comfort zone and pushed my limits a bit.  I hear it’s a good thing to do every so often!

Honey 50km lunch stop

Honey 50km lunch stop

P.S.  It felt really good to swim the day after this ride.  I’m sure it helped reduce some of the soreness and fatigue.  And I was REALLY happy to get on my road bike on Monday!


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