After hemming and hawing for a couple weeks and obsessively checking the weather and wind speed, I decided to go for it.  On Saturday June 21st I did the 3-mile Mashpee Super Swim at John’s Pond on Cape Cod.  The conditions were perfect.  The water was reported to be 68F – warm enough for SOME to go sans wetsuit, but not me!  There were male/female Wetsuit and male/female NonWetsuit divisions.

Going into it, I told myself I’d be fine with finishing in about an hour and 1/2.  Who knew I’d end up doing it in 1:13.46?  Good enough for a 3rd place female wetsuit division finish and 15th overall.  Thank you, wetsuit!  Well, except for the almost cramping calves part…

And swimming the three 1-mile loops wasn’t so bad.  Maybe a little boring for some, but I didn’t really care.  It was so nice to stretch out and just swim, swim, swim.  I’m even kind of looking forward to doing another one!