SWIM – BIKE  One more race to go for the season.  I’ve been dreading, I mean looking forward to, this one for a while now.  On August 25th I’m doing an Olympic distance Aquabike, which means .9 mile swim followed by a 26.2 mile bike, and NO run.  Hurray for no running (I should probably say “no hobbling”)!  I did the full Oly tri last year, so I have an idea of how I’d like to do on the swim and bike legs.  And without having to slog through a 10K after riding, who knows?  I just might be a little quicker.  That would be nice.  We’ll see.  Anything can happen on race day.  Oh, did I mention my sister is competing in this too?  Yikes!  Well, not really.  She kicks my ass in biking.  I should be out of the water first, but I’ll be watching for her to fly past me pretty directly.  Luckily my ego can handle it.

Damage report to follow.

READ  The Shell Collector:  Stories, by Anthony Doerr

Beautifully written, emotionally rich.  A really nice change from creepy, dark, and twisted Gillian Flynn!  Whose books I loved, by the way.

EAT!  I made a couple batches of jalapeno cornbread.  YUM!  But I need to get over my fear of using too much jalapeno.  First batch had no bite at all and the second had a little heat, but could use EVEN more.  I’ll get it.

jalapeno/serrano cornbread

jalapeno/serrano cornbread

I’m going to make espresso brownies for a party later in the week.  I hope they come out ok.