Escape the Cape sprint tri, June 8th.  Tropical Storm Andrea, June 7th-8th.  Hmmm, not a good combo.  For most of the week I was obsessively checking the weather predictions – 10% chance of rain, 70% chance of rain, 100% chance of rain.  UGH!  Would we race?  Would the race be cancelled completely?  Postponed?  Moved to the next day?  If we raced and the waves were up, would the event be changed to a duathlon?  I was only going to do the swim part of a relay anyway, so a duathlon would have left me out.  Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the race director sent out an email:  the race would go on, but start at 10:30am instead of 9am.  Fine with me!  Sleep in (in theory), the rain should be done, possibility of actually seeing the sun.  I prefer to swim a little later in the morning anyway, so thanks!

So, after all the weather stress – fun day.  I swam (first out of the water in my wave! – granted the wave was only newbie women, female and mixed relays), my sister rode, and another Team EnVision member ran.  And… we won!  By about 5 minutes over the next all-women’s team.  Hurray for us!escape the cape relay team 2013

And, even though I only swam 1/3 of a mile, I’m ready for a nap. There was a good Team EnVision showing and other TE  members placed in their age groups too.

Results (splits) aren’t up yet, so I can’t see how this year compares with last year yet.  Last year I did the whole tri, and wore a shorty wetsuit.  This year:  swim only, full wetsuit.  I think I was in better shape last year, for whatever that’s worth.

Just checked – results are up:  only 5 seconds slower this year!