As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I get kind of lost when I go to the gym on my own.  So rather than suffer the embarrassment of gymnesia, I attend group exercise classes.  They can be hard, fun, and/or goofy, but I (almost) always get something out of the experience.

I  go to classes through Harvard Recreation – minimal cost, go to any class anytime, and pick from a range of offerings.  I make it to Indoor Cycling and Interval Challenge classes pretty regularly through the winter, so that’s nothing new.  I tried IndoRow (weird), and CardioKicks (one time it was fun, the next time a bust – instructor-related).  I’ve also tried total body conditioning and yoga, and I keep telling myself I’ll try a Step class one of these years – I’m not very coordinated, so that could be a problem.  Left?  Oh THAT left!  Sorry!

Every semester, Harvard Rec. offers specialty classes for a little extra money.  So, with the encouragement of my husband (who is probably just curious to see how crazy I am) I signed up for TRX sessions.  4 sessions in May – 1xwk for 30 minutes.  It will either kill me or make me stronger.  I’m hoping for the latter.  I’m a little worried about injuring myself, but I’m also really intrigued by TRX, so we’ll see what happens.  I just hope it doesn’t adversely affect my swimming.

Have you tried TRX?  Should I be scared?